My life time commitment to Yoga (for Scoliosis)

My life time commitment to Yoga (for Scoliosis)

Commitment can be scary, because it involves taking a certain type of responsibility to someone or in this case to something. To the practice of yoga for scoliosis. Yet, come to think of it. It might also concern a responsibility to someone. To myself. To me, the commitment to yoga means taking conscious care of my body, mind and soul. Which seems to involve a life long process of discovery and growth. The only constant in life is change and yoga gives me the tools to provide guidance in whatever comes my way in life.

Learning to take care of yourself sounds so easy, yet it is actually harder than it sounds. Because a lot of the times I have looked for answers outside of myself or expected others to solve things. Even though the help of other people is really necessary; they can only provide tools and insights that I have to put effort in to integrating it into my life. And this is exactly what yoga does for me. Its practice and philosophy gives me tools to deal with adversity and makes me think about my look on life.

Super confusing physically

Oh wow the confusion. So much signals and sensing. For sure, it was an overload at first. No clue what I was feeling and what it all meant. It is quite a struggle to get in touch with pains and aches I’d rather ignored. But I knew that I had to start listening in order to grow understanding. Unfortunately it is the only way. It was (and still is) a long process to become the observer and learning about what I was feeling, what it meant and then to use the right tool for my body. As I started this process, I wanted to give up so many times. So many times, I felt I would never gain the understanding I needed. But as I kept going to my yoga mat, over and over. Slowly and slowly the little puzzle pieces for my scoliosis presented themselves to me. I am proud that I committed to this physical exploration and that my puzzle seems more complete and easier to put together again, even if I mess it all up again. So if you feel like giving up, don’t. If I can get there, you can get there too.

Super confronting mentally

Yes, the struggles above had a huge mental component. Oh, how much I have struggled to get to my mat. I still have times, that I find myself relenting to go to my mat. My practice really involves tuning into my body, mind and spirit. And in times of stress or anxiety, I’d rather not be confronted by it. Yet, these are the times I need my practice the most. I need the mental confrontation in order to move forward , to let go of any frustration and focus on the now. I think there will always be returning moment in life of struggle. Not only for me, but for everyone. But it helps to know I got this tool and that if I stick to my committed practice, I will be able to overcome hardship quicker or possibly avoid it.

Appreciation for the body, mind and spirit

Or actually learning to work with the body, mind and spirit from a place of love, instead of willpower. Willpower can sometimes be so strong, that it overrules any signals the body, mind or spirit are giving. Therefore, the force of willpower can sometimes become too strong and not be beneficial for actual healing and growth. Within yoga the practice of ‘ahimsa’ is encouraged. This roughly translates to ‘non-violence’. This pertains to not forcing physical poses, but also to refrain from harmful mental thoughts or undermining spiritual actions. Only through actions of love I can achieve the most. The understanding of this concept is where to start, to put it into practice takes time and commitment.

Grateful for sustainable tools for any circumstances

As mentioned previously the practice and philosophy of yoga are providing me tools for dealing with life. And maybe even mostly for dealing with myself. Therefore, I value my commitment to yoga (for scoliose), and I know that I still have a lot to learn about the practice as well as the philosophy. Which excites me so much! I will never be done learning. Physical, mental and spiritual awareness will be my trusting and loving guides.

Are you ready to commit to yoga?


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