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Be Kind,
For Everyone You
Meet Is Fighting
A Hard Battle


I Got My
Own Back


You Will Ever Meet
Knows Something
You Don’t



These three quotes I carry with me and try to keep close to me in the way I interact with others, and how I look at the world. They help me to keep an open mind, but also to stand up for myself. In the end all our differences can unite us, if we want to learn from each other and make the world a better place.

I know kind of sappy. But I like to set my goals high, so I can keep my focus on the bigger picture while being swallowed by life’s details. 

Besides I don’t like to define myself by age, education or work. Especially since when I was suffering from chronic pain for 2 years, all these things were non-existent. So would I be no one without these things? No. I am still me. I had to define myself at my deepest core. 


I  was diagnosed with scoliosis at of 14 years old. Which is relatively late for discovering scoliosis. Since they thought I’d might still grow I was measured a brace which I wore for a year till I was 16 years old. Since the discovery of my curve it never really progressed or decreased. Of course it is always hard to say whether the brace made a difference or not. At the time I was also dancing a lot and maintained a strong body.

My scoliosis is one major curve of about 47 degrees Cobb angle. The apex of my curve is at T9. My curve is mostly right thoracic slightly moving into my lumbar spine and still twisting to the right in my lumbar spine, while also having a little compensatory curve around 27 degrees Cobb angle. But is it still?


Scoliosis Diagnosis

September 1, 2003



Start Chronic Back Pain

April 26, 2014



First Yoga for Scoliosis class

March 20, 2016


First Yoga for Scoliosis class

My first ever Yoga for Scoliosis workshop! In Berlin.


NYC 2 weeks

September 20, 2016


NYC 2 weeks

Took private classes and group classes at Yoga Union to get the tools to manage my back at home.


Chronic Back Pain FREE

January 1, 2017


Chronic Back Pain FREE

I also reversed my scoliosis. Read more about it in my blog post


Online Home Practice Series

March 8, 2017


Online Home Practice Series

Participating in an Online Home Practice Series for Scoliosis to cultivate a daily practice


Yoga Teacher Training Course – Arhanta Yoga Graduate

September 8, 2017


Yoga Teacher Training Course – Arhanta Yoga Graduate

Received my certificate for Arhanta Yoga Teacher Training Course 200h.


Workshop Yoga for Scoliosis 1 & 2 with Elise Browning Miller

January 18, 2018


Workshop Yoga for Scoliosis 1 & 2 with Elise Browning Miller