Why I Am Starting The Hashtag #backcareeverywhere

Why I Am Starting The Hashtag #backcareeverywhere

I have been busy. Really busy. Back care isn’t necessarily the first thing on my mind on any given day. But it needs to be. I have to make it a priority in order to maintain proper back care and overall functioning in life really. In this day and age, I think, we all tend to struggle with our self-care. It takes up time, that we think we don’t have or we think it is not worth to invest time in. While the opposite is true, it is so necessary for longevity and a pain-free future. Don’t we all strive for that?

Foundation I love my back

Mostly I have been busy with setting up my own foundation called ‘Stichting I love my back‘. Side note, ‘stichting’ is the dutch word for foundation. Through this foundation we will aim for raising awareness and more love for back care. Basically this derives from my personal experience while dealing with scoliosis and chronic back pain. (Read more about it in my blog post.) I came across a lot of ignorance and indifference during my struggles and when I was expressing my pains. This lack of understanding might even have been more hurtful to me than dealing with the pain itself. Therefore, I don’t want this for anyone else to experience and hope to raise awareness for back issues and the limitations it can bring to someone’s life. There are also certain stereotypes concerning back pain. I know a lot of young girls, including myself, who don’t get any acknowledgement for their pain mainly because we are young. There is this believe that ‘young and fit-looking girls can’t possibly experience that much pain’. This type of thinking needs to go. And the only way I know how to, is by start spreading the word.

Why I choose to love my back

A big reason to choose the name ‘I love my back’ is, because the relationship to my back is really important to me. I think the type of relationship we have towards our body has a great influence upon what we can achieve for our health. Because I choose to love my back, I choose to learn to nurture it. I choose self-care. I believe in the positive qualities of the body to self-heal, but of course with the right help from the outside. Thus me. An easy and important way to choose back care is by lying down more during the day. Just taking off the pull of gravity from the spine helps to decompress it; creating more space for the vertebrae through relaxation from build up tension. Let’s all just take care of our backs wherever we go and make it fun along the way!


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