My Favorite Yoga Tools

My Favorite Yoga Tools

Yoga tools are necessary to support your practice in Yoga for Scoliosis. As I started my journey, I noticed how important the type of yoga tools is. Those who know me, know I am also very particular and principle in my choices. Therefore, I would like to share my findings with you.

These were the criteria I was looking for:

  • Yoga mat – sticky, no give, durable and light weight
  • Yoga blocks – Larger than usual (10 x 15 x 23 cm) and light weight
  • Yoga strap – Iyengar design, at least 4 cm wide and 2 m long
  • Yoga blankets – thick, strong and sturdy
  • Little pads

You can use these criteria yourself when looking for yoga tools. Or just take a look at my favorite brand Manduka.

Yoga Mat

For their yoga mats they have a lot of options! You can even do a test on their website to figure our which one will support your practice the most. At this moment I have the ProLite Yoga Mat and the EKO Travel Mat. The first one I have at home for my daily practice and the second I usually have on top. Mostly because of the lines I have drawn on them. The Travel Mat is great, because I can just fold it up and put it in my back pack. So if I travel or teach at the studio it is easy to bring with me.

Yoga blocks, strap and more

Their yoga blocks are my all time favorite! And I have tested so many. They have the right size, weight and rounded corners, which makes them comfortable to grip. Plus they have a lot of colors. Which I love, because my practice space should inspire me and I just love to work with colors to support my mood.

Especially when you go more into traction in your yoga for scoliosis practice, you will know how important a good yoga strap is. When I took classes in the USA, they had a lot of different props available. And it took me sometime to find the right ones here in the EU, the Netherlands. So I was happy when I found out Manduka was launching this Align Yoga Strap. Perfect for our practice.

For Yoga blankets I still have to find the perfect brand. At home I use Mexican blankets or big beach towels. So this is great to use, if you already have some at home.

Also for the little pads, I just use wash cloths or guest towels. These work fine for me and I can adjust in height myself. Since every scoliosis and every day is different, this works well for me.

Use the code JANAYOGA for 10% off at Manduka

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