The Time I Became A Yoga Teacher – Arhanta Yoga Graduate

The Time I Became A Yoga Teacher – Arhanta Yoga Graduate

I just finished a 200-hour Hatha yoga teacher training and can now call myself a yoga teacher.


The training

August 2017 I went to an Ashram for an intensive training course. I would like to be able to explain to you how my experience was; tell you everything I have learned and make you feel the ups and downs I went through. But how? It seems like this was a once in a life time experience different for each individual. The program consisted of 6AM morning meditations, breakfast and lunch in silence, a lot of hours taking in information and ‘How To Teach’ classes until we were sleep-talking the sequence. Which someone actually did. Even though each one of us has grown in their own way, we concurrently all gained yoga teaching skills.

Arhanta Yoga Teacher Training Graduates August 2017

Becoming a teacher

So what does it take to become a yoga teacher? I think just as it is with obtaining any skill; practice, practice, practice. So this is what we did. In groups of 3 we taught each other. One day being the student, the other day being the teacher. New information had to be learned by heart and showed in practice. And just as I thought I could come up for some air, new information came my way. I think we were all kept on our toes until the very end. As at first there were only nerves and panic attacks while teaching, after a little while it became something to enjoy. In my experience gaining a new skill always comes with doubt, but the stubborn ones will succeed in the end. As Hatha (yoga) means stubborn, it does not only apply to the yoga practice as it also does to becoming the Hatha yoga teacher.

Yoga for Scoliosis

If you have visited my blog before, you know I have a specific interest in Yoga for Scoliosis. Hatha yoga in itself is not specific to scoliosis. Therefore, during this teacher training I’ve encountered some struggles. The training and ashram life was quite intense and took its toll on my body. After some mental struggles between too much willpower and physical limitations, I took the high road towards rest. I focused on developing my teaching skills and tried to give my body the rest it needed. Basically a lot of savasana the last week. In order to ¬†specialise in Yoga for Scoliosis, I need to start somewhere and get my experience in. So I am just starting somewhere and trying to get training and experience in.

What is next?

This year I already want to set up some classes and scoliosis workshops in the Netherlands. For which I will use my new insight as a yoga teacher and my experience with (yoga for) scoliosis. Next on my agenda is attending a Yoga for Scoliosis workshop by Elise Browning Miller in Athens in January 2018. I also want to figure out my further specialisation in General Back Care & Scoliosis. Do you want to receive updates about workshop and classes? Follow me on my social media or leave your email address below

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