What to expect when starting a Yoga for Scoliosis practice

What to expect when starting a Yoga for Scoliosis practice

For anyone wondering whether Yoga for Scoliosis would be something for you, I would like to share my personal experience when I took my first classes. At least, this is the process I noticed my body and mind went through when I started with Yoga for Scoliosis. Maybe it will give you an idea of what you can expect and it might help you to manage your expectations or explain your own bodily sensations and mental notions.

New sensations

A lot of new sensations. As my body started touching the floor or wall while the guidance from the teacher wanted me to pay attention to these touch points, I got super overwhelmed. I had gotten so used to just doing things in my daily life and used to how my back never ‘fit’ in any chair or on any flat surface, that I lost sight of my back as a whole. I was learning how to sense my entire back. Even the parts that were hard to sense, because of my curve. I was feeling a lot and noticed that I couldn’t process everything at once. Despite this overwhelming state, I realised that these new sensations where really interesting and helpful. My body needs it.


I must add that a lot of these sensations came with an uncomfortable feeling. I know I don’t sit comfortable in most chairs and in bed I toss and turn to find a comfy sleeping spot. So I guess, it isn’t a surprise that this would be uncomfortable too. However, now I wasn’t just dealing with a chair or bed, but I had to actively use my body through specific poses or subtle movement. I was making a choice to get into this uncomfortable feeling. Why was I choosing to make my body uncomfortable?


There I was, in a yoga pose. I chose to be here. I chose to be uncomfortable. A lot of new sensations that were interesting, but that I couldn’t explain yet and a teacher that wanted me to feel. I wasn’t sure if I was really feeling what I was supposed or if I was taking the instructions the right way. The teacher’s message to relax my body and mind took a while to sink in. I had to learn to let this frustration go and learn to listen to my body. Use my curiosity and patience to map my progress. Honestly, I still sometimes notice frustration, but I now know where my observing switch is located.


So why am I choosing this overwhelming and uncomfortable experience? It gives me space. Literally. Space in my back to move better. To find physical relieve and stand tall. And maybe even more beneficial, space in my mind. I think that without creating space in my mind, I wouldn’t have been able to tackle my back. It enabled an inspiring relationship with my back. The frustration had me see my back as something that stood in my way, while I had to learn to see it as my best friend in order to practice self-care. Now I have found room to grow and I am still finding more and more room. They say the universe in infinite and always expanding. I think the same applies to personal growth and self-care. There is no end goal.