Some (online) resources about scoliosis and (back) health

Some (online) resources about scoliosis and (back) health

I have been wanting to share my resources with you. I have tried to make a little list, however I feel that I need to explain a bit more about what these have brought me. Especially because I know what it can be like to be so overwhelmed with information, that it seems impossible to know what to invest time in to actually gain knowledge. During my chronic pain phase, as I luckily can call it now, I really went down the (online) rabbit hole of information about scoliosis, back health and general well-being. And I have found some resources that seem most reliable, helpful and insightful to me. These are books, articles and YouTube channels I still go back to every so often to make sure I keep on learning. So I am happy to share these with you.

Specific article and book about Yoga for Scoliosis by Elise Browning Miller

If you have scoliosis and are interested in yoga (which I also teach in Amsterdam. More information here), I would advise you to start with this article. If you are really hungry for more in-depth information about yoga for scoliosis. There is also the book by Elise Browning Miller. This book explains scoliosis and helps you to get to know your specific type of scoliosis. As well as offering sequencing for the curve you are working with combined with specific cues for each type of scoliosis. Also, always feel free to contact me with your questions.

‘With regular practice , you can ease the pain of a crooked back and turn it into a powerful teacher.’

Read the article by Elise Browning Miller, 1999. Yoga for Scoliosis. Yoga Journal.

Rachel Jesien Instagram and Online Home Practice Series for Scoliosis and Back Health

Rachel Jesien is one of the first to create a yoga for scoliosis community online through her Online Home Practice Series for Scoliosis. In which she shares anatomical knowledge on scoliosis, specific cues in the yoga poses and a Facebook group community in which she offers a monthly Q&A to share new insights and answer any questions. If you are a little bit curious about her insights, just start with following her Instagram on which she tends to give little gems of experience of her scoliosis journey.

Check out Rachel Jesien’s Instagram here.

Schroth book: Three-Dimensional Treatment for Scoliosis

This book I wouldn’t advise that quickly, unless you are a trained medical professional. I wasn’t when I first dived into this book, and it took me a lot of googling in online medical dictionaries to understand the technical terms used. However, if you are a scoliosis nerd like me and are willing to go the extra mile it is worth the investment. Schroth had scoliosis herself and developed the Schroth method from a more holistic view, which still comes across in the book. However, I have noticed in some Schroth training programs nowadays that this holistic view is disregarded and that there is more focus on only the physical level. Which in my opinion doesn’t do justice to the original Schroth method and therefore in my eyes can have diminished effects.

‘Curvature of the spine, or scoliosis, is a precarious formal defect in terms of health, appearance, and the spiritual-psychological aspect.’

Kehnert-Schroth, Christa. 2007. Three-Dimensional Treatment for Scoliosis. A physiotherapeutic Method for deformities of the Spine. page 5

Nutrition and Scoliosis

To me nutrition is an important component in any type of healing journey. So for scoliosis as well. There is one article that discusses a few important notions to take into consideration when dealing with scoliosis. Like testing your Vitamin D levels and possible some other lack of vitamins or minerals. This article focusses specifically on an individual case of scoliosis. Check it out and then check out my next resource to gain more overall insight into general well-being.

Read the article by Hollywood Homestead about Nutrition and Scoliosis here.

Health with Dr. John Bergman on YouTube

This Chiropractor John Bergman shares all his knowledge through lectures on YouTube. His view is that a disease is manifested because of physical, chemical or emotional stress. And by diagnosing the cause, (almost) every disease can be corrected. His talks range from general well-being to specific conditions and certain health fads. I have and am learning a lot through these talks, in which he backs it up by science and gives links to the specific resources.

Check out Dr. John Bergman’s YouTube channel here.

Other Resources

I have a lot of other resources I consult. From anatomical YouTube channels to spiritual self-help books. Would it be helpful to give you a list? I would like to know what type of sources you have found helpful or let me know what you feel you are still lack in information.

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