Patience is key

Patience is key

Unfortunately there isn’t a magic pill or a swish of a wand and I am better. Throughout my life I have learned myself to see life as a process; there is no end goal or any goal for that matter that makes life complete. By seeing it as a process my focus is aimed at the bigger picture, like my values and the will to gain insight.

Trial and error

A process entails trial and error and such is life. This also translates to healing, because healing isn’t linear. There are times I felt things were looking up, or I had major set backs and felt discouraged. But I always pick myself up and ask myself; what is a way I can tackle this error in a constructive way? How can I learn from it for next time? Errors are not easy to deal with, yet essential for progress. Sometimes even set backs are necessary to move forward again. As long if I keep an open mind to learn from it. Patience, persistence and believing in yourself will get me far and will keep me going.


Patience can sometimes be seen as passive or weak by others. But I remind myself, that they can’t see my complete path of healing the way I experience it. I think patience is actually a great strength, because it means I try to restrain myself from forcing healing. Which never works. Through patience I can listen to my body and what it needs, I can take every trial and error as an insight for what comes next on my path and I can take my time to digest all the information that I have gathered inside and outside of me.


Persistence helps me to not let my patience get passive. It gives me the energy to keep on going in this process of trial and error. It helps me to keep on searching, learning and to keep my focus on the bigger picture. My path in finding healing.

Believe in yourself

None of this would be possible without believing in myself. I believe in myself, in my body and the wonders of the universe. I will never give up on myself, even if I sometimes feel like my body is giving up on me. I know I need to keep believing in healing and that every little step will help me on my path to healing. In the mean time I will enjoy this journey I am on and I hope you will find your way too.