Weirdest Interior Tools I Use For My Yoga for Scoliosis Practice

Weirdest Interior Tools I Use For My Yoga for Scoliosis Practice

Ever since I started Yoga for Scoliosis it has sparked my creativity with using tools for my practice. Because of my scoliosis, my nervous system isn’t so clear in where I am in space, therefore I need a little guidance from tools. Also because of the curve in my back and gravity pulling on my body, it needs some help in the other direction every so often. To achieve this I use certain tools to create that extra space and specific alignment in my back. In the yoga studio there are props galore, but at home not so much. Thus, creativity is necessary in order to keep my scoliotic spine happy.

Important side note: I have learned to use these tools in Yoga for Scoliosis classes under careful guidance. I wouldn’t advice anyone to just try these at home. Make sure to reach out to a scoliosis specialist and inform yourself in order to make safe practice possible.

A door

Doors are have become my best friend. Who knew doors aren’t just an entry way from one space to another, but can also be a useful support tool. Doors are seen as only being able to be open or closed, which tends to represent opportunities or an obstacle. Now I know it can even be supportive to my life!


A chair

Where you ever scowled at as a kid for using your chair for anything other than sitting? I know I was. I was always climbing on things and playing around. And now I can do that again with my chair! I feel like a child again using my interior as a play ground for my yoga practice. It is so much fun!


The wall and a chair

Usually walls are just there. They just exist and hold things up or stand in the way of things. I use it to find guidance for the alignment in my back and even as a tool to lengthen my back and my chair for a little support.


A door knob and chair

The first time I put my yoga belt around a door knob and got into the loop, I was afraid I would wreck the door. Doors are way more sturdy than they look. At least how I perceive them. Little did I know how powerful door knobs can be in helping me with finding lengthening in my back. Now I am hooked. Sort of literally (;

Who knew so my interior objects can be useful tools for Yoga for Scoliosis! I didn’t figure these out myself, I actually learned them during classes. As mentioned in the intro, in the yoga studio they tend to have a lot of tools available, such as rope walls and blocks and blankets. But at home these things are harder to come by, while home practice is super important for back care and scoliosis.

I actually don’t mind being creative with tools at home for my yoga practice. It brings a sense of playfulness that sparks my motivation to practice. Recently I learned about using a park bench for lengthening the spine, so that is on my to-do-list to try out. Make sure to follow me on Instagram or Facebook to see any pictures pop up ((: