As I was checking my narrative and figuring out how to learn to listen to my body, one simple change I could make fairly quickly. Rest more. I say fairly quickly, but I don’t mean easily. It can actually be really hard to get more rest and make it a priority. In this society we tend to be focus on competing and results, but not on effectivity or self-care. Taking time to rest your body and mind can be perceived as self-centred or passive, while it can actually contribute to your overall health and productivity. Here is how I go about it and what I take from it.

Lie down on the floor

Just lie down. On the floor, on a bed, on a couch. Wherever. As long as I am lying flat and horizontal. Legs up, even better. How easy does this sound and it is done in a minute. Yet, I have found it hard to give myself the break to do this and it took a little while for me to acknowledge to myself and my body that this is what I need. Eventually, I learned to listen to my body. And now if I feel my body could use some rest, I don’t hesitate to lie down pretty much any where.


Important while resting is to actually find relaxation. Sometimes my body and mind seem to keep on racing. It helps me to take a few deep breathes and see if I can fill my entire chest and belly with air. I make it a game to see if I can find a space that doesn’t fill up with air. Especially because of my scoliose, my breathing is crooked. So I try to see if I can get it to the tougher spots and give my back a nice stretch from the inside out. Sort of an internal massage. ((: 


Or maybe it is more about un-focus. Letting my thoughts be and let them find their way. Let my body be and let it find its relaxation. I have learned that my scoliosis influences my mind and makes it be more frazzled than it is for people without scoliosis. I have noticed that the more I have overloaded my body and back, the more overloaded my mind feels. Taking the time to lie down not only calms down my body but also my mind.


After I have taken some time to rest, my productivity increases. My body and mind have found their relax mode and are ready to take on the next task. Through resting my mind un-focuses in order to find it’s focus. My body loses tension in order to move more smoothly.

If you haven’t included resting in your daily routine yet, give it a try. Why not? What do you have to loose?