My Yoga for Scoliosis Practice Space

My Yoga for Scoliosis Practice Space

Every healing journey takes time. During this time a lot of effort is needed. But I am just human, and the path of least resistance is always lurking tempting around the corner. Whichever way anyone decides practice is needed to start healing; it will take on time in your day. So even though the reason for this practice might be because of pain or some other type of challenge, it can still be an enjoyable one. Or at least the practice space that is used for it.

Actually creating a motivating, comforting and uplifting space that is there for me, made the journey a lot more enjoyable. Even when I didn’t feel like (or despised and didn’t want anything to do with it) getting on my mat for my yoga practice. It was there. The space. So why not use it? It welcomes me to take a few more steps in this journey and gives me the tools to keep on going. Also literally. I need tools in my yoga practice to get the most out of it. To help my body and mind find relaxation in the proper alignment. Especially with scoliosis, my nervous system needs a break every so often.


My socks are ready for me in the morning. Getting out of my warm bed onto the cold floor was a bit of a challenge for me. So I made it easier by providing my feet some comfy warm socks.

My lovely healing crystals radiating with energy that each bring me a different focus.

A few books and a journal. Too many books will distract the mind. These help me with my practice and the journal helps me track my progress.

How my yoga practice space came together
  1. Essential tools – I had to figure out which tools for essential for my practice. In my case, for yoga for scoliose, I need to have a yoga mat, blocks, belt, chair, blankets and padding for my concavities for restorative poses.
  2. Comfort tools – to make the path to my mat easier, I had to include some comfort tools near by. To me this is a comfy pair of warm socks. I tend to have cold feet in the morning, but I don’t want that to be an excuse to not practice.
  3. Spirit tools – I lift my spirit with my Himalayan salt lamp that exudes calmness when I look at it. And I love to have my healing crystals near by. Even to just look at their beautiful colours.
  4. Decorating tools – In the end it needs to be an inviting area for my practice. So I put in some decorating features, like some greens.