Eyes on the horizon

Eyes on the horizon

Eyes on the horizon. This can be taken literally or figuratively. And I will do both. Because both can help to heal or prevent back pain issues.

Keep your head up

Nowadays there is an epidemic spreading concerning back pain. A big contributor to these pains is, how we carry ourselves throughout the day a.k.a. our posture. As Helen Turner (Health and Wellness Consultant) points out in her blog post ‘Bloggers Back: The Back Pain Epidemic‘ the weight of the head increases when it is leaning forward straining the spine. Especially while working hunched on a laptop or while looking at a tiny smart phone screen. Heard of the infamous text neck by any chance? As a physiotherapist, Helen, goes into this more on her blog. My conclusion is, that if I want to heal or prevent back pain, I need to keep my head up. And what helps is to remind myself to keep my eyes on the horizon.

Eyes on the horizon

Looking forward seems so easy, but is it? Of course a great way to start, is noticing your posture when you use your phone or laptop. Improving my work environment and also using my phone less, has made a change. Even though these are a big part of the problem, there are also other times I catch myself not looking forward. Recently, I have tried to gain more awareness about when I let my head lean forward and one big one is when I am lost in thought. In these moments I try to remind myself to move my eyes to het horizon again, which automatically lifts my head back on top of the spine. Want to give it a try right now?



Figure out your values

To mentally keep my eyes on the horizon, I want to figure out why I make certain choices and my core drivers in life. I want to gain awareness of what I see as important and let that guide me. Defining my values is an ongoing process and I am not sure if I am there yet. Quite possibly one of my values is being open to change, which means that my values might change as well. By reading spiritual and psychology books, watching documentaries and having open and honest conversations with people, I think I have found a recipe for figuring out values. At least one that is to my tasting. I try to do things with love, be open, be understanding, have empathy and always look for possibilities. Whether I always oblige… Hey, I’m only human. But whenever a decision, difficulty or conflict comes my way, I try to get my values out to help me figure out what to do.

Focus on your main goal

Sometimes values are already there before the main goal comes in sight. Or it could be the other way around or something in between. Who knows. And does it actually matter? Anyways, it helps to clarify a main goal. Mine at this moment is my personal development with yoga for scoliosis and figuring out how to turn this into a future in which I can help others with scoliosis. Almost everything that comes my way, I see how this can help me to achieve this goal. This also includes self-care. Because if I am not taking care of my own wellbeing, I won’t be able to put the most efforts in for others. Therefore, I make self-care a main goal too.

I have come across a bunch of obstacles along the way, but then I remind myself to keep my eyes on the horizon. No matter what.