Online Home Practice Series for Scoliosis 2017

Online Home Practice Series for Scoliosis 2017

As I raved about my Yoga for Scoliosis journey in 2016 in my previous blog post. I have to ensure that this year will include a lot of Yoga for Scoliosis as well. I am latching on to Yoga for Scoliosis and not letting go. I think this mindset will help me a lot in the ‘Online Home Practice Series for Scoliosis’ journey that I am now embarking on.

What am I talking about exactly? 

Rachel Jesien created an online program to start a consistent Home Practice with Yoga for Scoliosis. In order to be able to follow the instructions properly, it’s mandatory to know my back and the name of my scoliosis well. Therefore, I feel my investment in traveling to New York City in 2016 pays off, because I was able to attend Rachel’s Yoga for Scoliosis classes and am now able to participate in this Home Practice Series for Scoliosis.

Why do I need a consistent Home Practice?

I am me and scoliosis is a part of me 24/7. And it is not just a distortion of the bones or muscles, there is also a distortion in my brain to where I am in space. This is applicable to me all the time. So a consistent Home Practice will help me with growing my consciousness of where I am in space and will keep my (chronic) pain at bay. Or if I feel some tension creeping up, I know how to deal with it. I take back my control in healing.

What is next?

I want to write a post each week about how I feel about my practice and the insights I am gaining. I won’t just share the program, but I will share what has inspired me and what insights I took aways from it. I think it will also be interested to share my mental struggles and bodily sensations concerning creating a consistent home practice.

So here I go.