Firsts. Why they are scary, necessary and an adventure

Firsts. Why they are scary, necessary and an adventure

As I am traveling in the train to a studio to teach my first scoliosis workshop (see more at, I am reflecting on firsts and what these mean. In life we have plenty of firsts. I think the most well-known are first steps, first words, first kiss or first love, but how about he first time playing an instrument, the first time standing up for yourself or the first time you notice that you have a choice in what way to steer life.

When I was younger, firsts seemed easier. I guess, because there were so many back then, that my mind didn’t have the chance to give too much attention to it. Now as I am older, my mind tends to ask more questions about firsts and sees more obstacles. Developed patterns and habits in life are inevitable, but maybe the best way to create awareness about these, is to experience more firsts. These pull me out of my comfort zone and give me space to reflect on my life.

Firsts are always scary

So I want to remind myself, that firsts are always scary. I will be doing something I haven’t done before. Of which I don’t know how I’ll do, or how I will feel afterwards. I try to keep my eyes on the horizon, on my goal. Why am I choosing a certain first and what could it possibly bring me? I feel it is actually good to not just do a first, but to acknowledge the fear accompanying it. This way I gain more awareness over my feelings and the impact it has as a learning experience. It will help me to reflect on the situation to say to myself  ‘this is scary, and that is ok’.

Firsts are necessary

Whatever my goal may be and whether or not I will achieve it, doesn’t really matter. Firsts are necessary to learn in life and to progress. These are moments, that can change your life and can open new doors, that I might have never imagined. The moments, that bring me reflection and perspectives. These are the moments, life can throw curve balls or the most beautiful surprises. Either way. life is wonderfully unpredictable while there being no coincidence in its universal wisdom.

Firsts are a new adventure

Firsts are new adventures waiting for me. Some are short lived, while others are a life long journey. Sometimes it is up to me to what I want to focus on, sometimes it is faith in the universe and going with the flow of life to see what comes my way. There are so many possibilities. Haha I shouldn’t think about this too much, else I will just overwhelm myself. It gives me a lot of good energy to know I can go look for the scary firsts and see what adventures will come my way.

Do you know what was your latest first? I will see if I can get more firsts in and open more doors to new adventures. Are you with me?