2016 my year of Yoga for Scoliosis

2016 my year of Yoga for Scoliosis

This year (2016) I was lucky to be able to experience yoga for scoliosis. I can tell you honestly, it has changed my life. Shortly, I will take you on my journey and will give you the 3 insights I have taken from it.

Since 2014 I was dealing with a lot of back pain that was restricting me in my daily activities. I couldn’t go out with friends and was barely able to take care of myself and my household. Also I couldn’t find anyone (affordable) that could help me, so I just tried my best to figure out a lot myself. However, this is hard when you’re healthy, let alone when you are in pain and there’s a lack of support. Nevertheless, I did manage to help myself with yoga and breathing exercises, but I just knew there had to be something that would benefit me a lot more.

Via google I had already come across Yoga for Scoliosis. But as with any new treatment, I always have some reservations. Would this really be something that will work for me? Then in March 2016 a girl told me there would be a Yoga for Scoliosis workshop a 6 hour drive away. Since we were both pretty desperate in trying to understand our scoliosis, we took on the journey. By the way, it was only a 4 hour workshop. But it was so, so, so worth it! We were both super happy we took it on! Mostly because it answered so many of our questions and confirmed so many things our intuition already told us. We truly felt #blessed

After this one workshop, I knew I had to get more information about Yoga for Scoliosis. So even though I was still experiencing quite some discomforting pains and even my neck started to act up suddenly, I got on a flight to New York City. I made this trip about Yoga for Scoliosis and took several classes and a few private classes. I finally feel that I have some tools that I can work with and found something that I want to learn more about. I also just want to share my three main insights about what Yoga for Scoliosis ment to me in 2016.

Finally people that understood me and made sense

I have felt alone with my struggles for a long time, because I felt that a lot of health professionals didn’t get me and my scoliosis at all. The teachers at Yoga for Scoliosis made so much sense and gave me a lot of insight in just a few classes, which no health professional ever did for me.
I’ll share one little insight with you; scoliosis doesn’t only affect the spine, but the entire body. So also how we carry ourselves on our legs. Therefore, the way we use our legs is super important to be aware off. Yet, no physiotherapist ever told me that.

I am a cheater and I have a pattern

I am actually a super loyal person, but apparently my body isn’t always to me. I learned that there is such a thing as having a scoliotic pattern. Basically this means that our body cheats to make up for the imbalance and asymmetry the scoliosis causes.
To go back to the insight about how scoliosis affects the legs. Scoliosis has me leaning forward, which affects the muscles in my legs. Certain muscles build up more tension and others not enough, which doesn’t help my posture. In Yoga for Scoliosis I learned how to move out of this scoliotic pattern and activate all the right muscles in my leg.
And of course I don’t only cheat in my legs, but in my entire back and posture. This is a super interesting learning process that I’m in now. It really teaches me to listen to my body and helps me to understand my back better.

I believe this works for scoliosis and I want to help others

In just a few Yoga for Scoliose classes, I learned so much and really felt like I’d have grown. Also literally. Since this is still possible for us with our curvy spine hehe. In all these years Yoga for Scoliose did much more for me than anything else. Thus, it is now my goal to go to New York City and do their teacher training and start my own business to help others through Yoga for Scoliosis in The Netherlands.


Want to see and feel my enthusiasm? Below is a vlog I filmed during my stay in New York City:


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